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From World Studies Honors & Inclusion, 9th grade 
Ogden International School, Chicago Public Schools 

Unit 6 -- Imperialism and Nationalism 

Teaching Nationalism through Anthems -- CC: defining concepts 

Primary Source: The Spread of the 1848 Revolutions -- CC: integrating maps & timelines with sources

Primary Source: Imperialism Through Images -- CC: evaluating political cartoons 

Assessment: Create Your Own Nation Project 

Assessment: DBQ: The Causes of New Imperialism -- CC: structuring arguments, writing, editing, re-writing. See the outline created for students, and the rubric.  

Unit 7 -- World War I & the Interwar period  

Perspectives on the Start of the Great War -- CC: evaluating perspectives, writing as journalist 

Primary Source: Letters from the Front -- CC: compare perspectives, writing as soldier -- Literacy: organizer 

Assessment: World War I Test -- Inclusion class -- Honors class: CC: argumentative writing 

Primary Source: The Aba Women's War -- CC: assess reasoning & evidence -- Literacy: annotation 

Assessment: History Movie Pitch on the Modernization & Militarization of Japan -- CC: narrative writing

Unit 8 -- World War II 

Primary Source: What is Fascism? -- CC: defining concepts