The full footage

It's been a busy few weeks in my life. I've been in DC, paying my dues to the more traditional side of the academy (just think about what that means. There's an even more  traditional side than you probably know). Been so busy with travel, readings, lectures, indoctrination sessions and the like that I didn't even realize that finally, our brilliant wonderful full footage video of the panel had gone up! 

So here it is. It's long, yes, but I really hope that if you were one of the ones who wasn't able to make it, for whatever reason, that you set aside an hour and take a watch. It's a great conversation that needs to be had, and we were all on point, and on fire, that day. It's amazing to watch. 

And by all means, tell me what you think. Kick back the feedback in the comments! 

A thousand thanks to Michael Silberman for filming.