Glass ceilings, missing stairs, and gatekeepers -- The Video

I'm so pleased to have so many new posts at once. There has been a lot, of course, coming out of C2E2, and though this is the last directly connected post, it's surely not the last related one. So behold, the video from our panel last weekend. Filming by Jesse Lex, hard work by Michi Trota to get it live, and featuring all our lovely faces. If you didn't make it to the panel, or if you just want to rewatch it, please enjoy. It's too long for YouTube, and so it's broke up into five parts, but they're all linked through the playlist. 

And if you're looking for more articles, don't worry, they're coming. Several incidents and comments from the convention have got me thinking about articles that should be written, and issues that need to be addressed. The wheels are turning--and what's more, they've got time to turn, now that I'm done with my degree and summer is coming. So keep checking this space for updates, or subscribe to this blog! More geeky feminism is coming your way.