What is Challenge by Geek?

Cosplaying the TARDIS at C2E2 2012.

Cosplaying the TARDIS at C2E2 2012.

A little about me: 
20-something. Proud Chicagoan. Grad student in history education. Feminist. Singer. Adventure trip leader. Writer.

Oh yeah, and a huge nerd.

Many of you might know me from my previous blog, CloneGeek, co-written by myself and Suzanne. Over the past few months, our interests have diversified, and so in order to best get our opinions out to the world, we've decided we both needed our own forums. If you're interested in anything Avengers-related, you can find Suz over at Cognitive Recalibration

As for this blog? The title comes from a wonderful way of living and thinking that I've been raised on, a method that predominates in summer camps and outdoor education, called Challenge By Choice. It's a philosophy designed to help individuals and groups grow introspectively, by giving them the power to make decisions that challenge them, or not, thus influencing their own growth. I try to live by this philosophy, because I am a person who needs challenges, and I know I grow through those difficult experiences, and come out a better person. 

Less philosophically, those of you know who know me, know I like to challenge things -- sometimes for good reason, sometimes just for the sake of it -- from history to politics to fandom to popular opinion. This blog is my space to do that. Look for challenges to anything that I feel strongly about -- mostly having to do with fantasy, sci-fi, and feminism. Follow me, subscribe in your feeds, or bookmark this page, and look forward to a lot of challenges to come!