The Author

Laura Koroski is an opinionated twenty-something who hails from the Chicago area, and is in love with her city. On this site you can find posts on fantasy, sci-fi, feminism, history, and nerdery of all kinds. She is also a staff writer for Feminspire, where her contributions include geek issues as well as personal essays. She is a impassioned speaker, having served on panels at C2E2, Wizard World Chicago Comic-con, and at the University of Chicago's Gender and Women's Studies Center. 

Outside of her geeky interests, she enjoys singing in choirs, curling up with a book, eating chocolate, and appreciating remote wilderness vistas. Sometimes all at once. 

You can contact her here.


This site and blog are my space, and thus reflect my opinion. That opinion will most likely be strong, and untempered. I write what I believe, and to do otherwise would be tantamount to heresy for other people.

I welcome comments, whether they agree or disagree with my opinion or argument. Feel free to share your thoughts, contributions, and links. I enjoy discussion and debate, and this is a space to do that. 

I shouldn't have to say this, but past evidence has suggested that I do: be respectful. Keep your comments to the point, not to the person. Personal attacks, whether against me or another commenter, are not allowed. Any sign of bigotry will not be tolerated. Phobia (whether it be of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or whatever) is unnacceptable. I come down particularly hard on misogyny. Comments with these will be deleted. This should be a safe space, and I reserve the right and judgement to do what is needed to keep it that way. 

We still on the same page? Awesome. Read on, and fire away respectfully.

(Some ideas borrowed and language paraphrased from the excellent policy of John Scalzi.)